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The YP4 Network has grown to over 1,700 young activists doing social justice work in communities across the United States and the world. For a sense of who is working in your area or where to find other members of the YP4 network, please consult the directory below.

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April Joy

April Joy Damian

April Joy Damian is the founder of South of Market (SoMa) Scholars, a one-on-one mentorship program matching college students with low-income adolescents of color, the creator of Eat Your Heart Out: Addressing Heart Disease and Diabetes in the Filipino Community of San Francisco, and a 2008 Young People For Fellow at City College of San Francisco.

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April Oo

April is a graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s in Food Studies and Public Policy with a concentration in Global Health Policy. With her current background and future pursuits, she hopes she can be of use in an increasingly critical space where public health, social justice norms, and policies are collaborating. April thinks the passion she has long cultivated for public health stems from a fundamental recognition that far too many people, in our local and global communities, are depending on their health as the sole means of their families’ livelihoods. Domestic and global policies regarding the distribution and sourcing of our food, medicines and other life essential commodities have far too often favored corporate interests over public health considerations to the detriment of our most vulnerable.  With such injustices constantly in mind, she believes that dismantling health disparities will at least bring forth some form of the right to health. Some undergrad experiences April reflects most fondly on include time with refugee families and folks at the local shelter, political activism, a forum for dialogue about diversity and food security-related advocacy.  April is planning how to most effectively dedicate her post-graduation year to learning more about our nation’s relationship with food sources. With a strong belief in the healing of a wholesome diet and outlook on health April will continue to work toward better access to quality food and health care for families who depend on their health most.

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Areeba Kamal

Areeba Kamal was a student at Mount Holyoke College, where she studied computer science, international relations, and Mandarin Chinese. She was a proud member of the All Leadership Team for the Roosevelt Institute Campus Network and served as the President of Kuch Karo: Pakistani Students for Change. She wrote frequently about her experiences as an international student, blogs periodically on political and social affairs for a variety of forums, drinks obscene amounts of Pakistani chai and sang with a wonderful women’s choir in the Pioneer Valley. She believes staunchly in the power of empathy and resilience and is a fan of all things interdisciplinary.

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Arielle Clarkson

Arielle Clarkson is the founder of The Paul Clarkson Foundation, a non-profit based in the Dallas, Texas whose primary mission was to build community power through education, organizing, research, and healing. Clarkson was also a member of BYP100, an activist member‐based organization of Black youth 18-35-year-olds, dedicated to creating justice and freedom for all Black people. Both organizations served as a platform dedicated to fighting inequality socially and economically. Her campus involvement included the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. She was also a 2014 Texas League of Young Voters Fellow.

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Arielle Swernoff

Arielle Swernoff is a graduate of Oberlin College. She led several major voter registration drives on her campus, registering over 3/4 of eligible student voters. She has worked on progressive political campaigns in California, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Massachusetts, serving as the Operations Director on a Treasurer’s race in Rhode Island. She is committed to giving people a greater voice in their government and creating change through the electoral process. She is particularly passionate about issues of gender equality and inclusion, reproductive rights and access, and voter access.

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Aries Dela Cruz

Aries Dela Cruz was a doctoral student in environmental and legal anthropology at Rutgers University. He was also a graduate Fellow with the Rutgers Center for Historical Analysis. He was recognized as part of the next generation of progressive leaders by People for the American Way, who awarded him a fellowship in 2007, and his work has earned him local, national and international coverage and recognition. He graduated with distinction from Columbia with a B.A. in Anthropology. As a student he was involved with the Columbia Daily Spectator as a member of the editorial board and an opinion writer. He was communications director and then the vice president of the Queer Alliance, the world’s first collegiate LGBT organization. Aries was the recipient of the Dean’s Citation and Prize, as well as the Spirit Award, for his efforts in integrating non-traditional students into university life. He was honored with the King’s Crown Leadership Award, as well as the LGBT Student Leader Award for his extraordinary commitment and involvement in building safer and inclusive communities. Aries was in the inaugural cohort of the Gill Foundation/Weber Shandwick Social Innovation Fellowship, where he helped shape the creation of collaborative resources for non-profits and corporations who are engaged in strategic partnerships to advance LGBT equality. He was a founding co-chair for the YP4 NYC Local Network.

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Arleya Horne

Arleya has been a National Board Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) and a resident assistant at Xavier University of Louisiana. Her passion lies in the empowerment of communities through education and community organizing. She’s inspired by the words of Edmund Burke “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil was for good men to do nothing,” and pushes to make a positive difference wherever she can. She is determined to continue work in environments that allow her to motivate and empower others.

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Armani Madison

Armani Madison is a graduate of Brown University, where he studied Political Science and History. He is passionate about education, civil rights, youth empowerment, and service for low-income communities. As his Idea Creation-focused blueprint, Armani created the SpeakUp! Oratorical Contest for public high school students in Providence, and coordinated a social media campaign and gallery exhibit, as part of the national “To My Unborn Son” and #BlackLivesMatter movement, at Brown. He is an alumnus of the Public Policy and International Affairs program, the Hope Institute, and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated. Armani worked to build upon his interest in social innovation and entrepreneurship through Venture for America.

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Ashley Causey

Ashley Causey was a Special Education major at Winthrop University. She was a Lecture and Diversity Chair of the DiGiorgio Student Union bringing various acts to campus to promote awareness about different cultures to Winthrop’s community. Ashley is a McNair Scholar and studied how colleges of education can incorporate multicultural education in their teacher preparation program. She was also Vice President of Internal Diversity Training for Multicultural Student Council. Ashley plans to attend graduate school for Educational Leadership with a focus in advocacy and policy. In the future, Ashley hopes to work with building connections between communities and schools.

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Ashley Dickerson

Ashely Dickerson, a Phoenix native, graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education with concentrations in Adolescents, Community Development and Africana Studies. While in college, Ashely gained extensive experience in the areas of curriculum development, budgeting, event planning, time management, data and community assessments, networking, leadership and capacity building and much more. During her undergrad, she served as a board member for African American Student Affairs where she coordinated and facilitated events and workshops to provide opportunities for students of color to engage in leadership, social justice and community awareness projects. She also served as the Social Justice Associate for Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona for 3 years working with the Community Justice Board of Southern Arizona, the juvenile justice system as well as foster care and domestic violence shelters to design alternative programming for girls ages 8-18. Through her experience, Ashely realized the need for more constructive and encouraging leadership programs for youth of color, which prompted her to design two leadership and empowerment programs called TogetHER and Activate AZ as her blueprint. Ashely is passionate about comprehensive education reform and community development and has volunteered with various organizations, charities and programs throughout the Phoenix Metro. She served as a second grade teacher at CASA Academy.

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Ashley Sobhani

Ashley Sobhani was a Global Studies major at Carnegie Mellon University. She was a member of the Survivor Support Network, which was her campus’ first response organization for sexual assault and relationship violence on CMU’s campus. Through the Survivor Support Network, she served as the secretary of Got Consent, a student organization that worked towards campus advocacy against sexual assault and rape culture awareness on CMU’s campus. She was also on the Sexual Assault and Relationship Violence Prevention Committee and the University Student Affairs Council. Through her involvement in these organizations, she strove to help create a safer and more conscious campus regarding the discussion about sexual assault.

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Athena Matyear

Athena graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2012, with a Major in Organizational and Corporate Communication and a minor in Women’s Studies. She has served as a community organizer and event coordinator for several years in her home town of El Paso, Texas—working with La Mujer Obrera, Familias Unidas, Café Mayapan, Raza Organize, Choice USA, and Queer Student Alliance. She served as the Training Director with the United States Student Association (USSA) where she worked with students to provide trainings that will strengthen their organizations and develop their leadership skills. She was grateful for the opportunity to work with the organization that was so crucial in her development and was working to expand and fortify the impact of USSA’s Training Department. Athena was passionate about racial and economic justice and sustainable sovereign community cultivation.

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Athena Salman

Athena Salman is an Arizona native, Arizona State University graduate and 2010 YP4 Fellow. Her experience includes lobbying, organizing, campaigning, community service, policy writing, and public speaking. She is passionate about social justice and the intersection of issues. In the past, she was a union shop steward at the hotel where she worked. She has also worked for Girl Scouts where she recruits and supports membership in Northern Arizona, while engaging diverse communities about the Girl Scout movement. She was also active in the local Omega Phi Alpha alumnae chapter. Athena is particularly fond of hiking throughout her home state. Other hobbies include seeking out new murals throughout the state, expanding her repertoire of local restaurants, indoor rock climbing and spending time with family and friends. Athena was a Femtor for the 2014 Fellowship class!

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Aurielle Lucier

Aurielle is a nationally renowned poet and activist, using her words and voice to promote justice and equality for women of color, abuse victims, and young people of color. Performing under the alias Ellevated, Aurielle has always dedicated her voice and art medium as a tool to amplify the necessity of social rectification in her urban community. Aurielle has partnered with many youth and minority driven programs, including Atlanta Word Works, to develop and initiate arts education programs in the metro Atlanta area. These programs, she feels, will kick-start vehicles of change by stimulating social awareness and providing platforms of open dialogue to mobilize this generation.

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Austin Pritzkat

Austin has served as the Chief of Staff for the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) President. He is a friendly, compassionate, and hard-working person who is committed to fighting for social justice and building student power. Austin has also been a former organizer with Cal Students for Equal Rights and a Valid Education (CalSERVE), where he organized with students and workers to fight for change both within his university and community.

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