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The YP4 Network has grown to over 1,700 young activists doing social justice work in communities across the United States and the world. For a sense of who is working in your area or where to find other members of the YP4 network, please consult the directory below.

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Ayesha Islam

Ayesha Islam attended Bryn Mawr College, Pennsylvania, majored in International Studies and double-minored in Arabic and Creative Writing. She was born in Arizona, grew up throughout various areas of the Northeast, and lived in York City. As a female Muslim minority, Ayesha is a triple-threat combination of marginalized groups and fought for the voices of these communities. She was a certificate recipient of the Princeton Prize in Race Relations for her activism-based work on Guantanamo Bay and police brutality. Ayesha has worked with Amnesty International for three years, served as Student Activist Coordinator of Amnesty’s Northeast regional leadership team for one year, and contributed to multiple national level roles with Amnesty’s Headquarters. She’s had experience working for judges, law firms, nonprofits, political offices, election campaigns, and more because she believes public service is an avenue for impactful social change. Her critical essay titled “Guantanamo Bay: A Real-Life Horror Story” won a Regional Gold Key within York City, and then moved on to win a National Gold Medal within the United States for the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards in 2015. She believes in the power of writing to shed light on injustices and is passionate about using narratives to share oft-ignored perspectives. Ayesha is considering various paths for her future, from participating in diplomatic work with the State Department or the United Nations to working in fields of local politics and government or to become a lawyer. The specific profession doesn’t matter as much as the outcome of her work. If Ayesha can make the world a bit more bearable to live in, put one mother’s worry for her children’s safety at ease, or help one person seek justice, then she knows she was doing the right work.


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Baahh-Nazoshnnii Brown-Almaweri

Nazshonnii (or Naz) attended Union College in upstate New York. As a Mechanical Engineering major and French minor, she has found ways to connect her rigorous STEM background to her dream of being a traveling polyglot. No matter how far from home, Naz has managed to stay connected with the roots from her birthplace, the Navajo reservation and hometown Oakland, CA. At Union, she was a work-study student for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Hillel’s Kosher Kitchen Coordinator, African Student Associations’ Treasurer, and a leader in the SAE Aero Club.

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Barbara Wolfin

Barbara Wolfin is Iss-Illmawi of the Pit River Tribe, located in CA. Barbara has attended Haskell Indian Nations University and was the president of the Indigenous American Indian Studies Club. Barbara’s goal, as the president, was to spread awareness to local native communities and non-native communities about Indigenous issues and solutions. Outside of the HINU campus, Barbara was one of the many co-chairs to the Advocates for the Protection of Sacred Sites, APOSS. APOSS aimed to provide rapid community support to traditional and spiritual leaders, as well as tribal governments, to protect sacred places, lands, & cultural resources.

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Beatriz De La Espriella

Beatriz De La Espriella graduated from the University of Florida majoring in Criminology. She was a leader of the student organization CHISPAS which focused on addressing the pressing needs of the immigrant community through advocacy and service. She also served as the North Florida Steering Committee Representative of the Florida Immigrant Youth Network. In the past two years Beatriz has worked with both campus and community members to organize against anti-immigrant legislation and work towards education for all regardless of immigration status. As part of CHISPAS, she started a campaign called, Undocumented Not Uneducated, that asked the university to effect policy change and openly accept undocumented students to the University. She was a Social, Behavioral and Economic (SBE) Undergraduate Research Scholar and has conducted research to identify the relationship between acculturation, assimilation and analogous delinquent behavior of Hispanic immigrants.

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Benjamin Gellman

Ben is a Detroit native. He is a lover of good music and queer people. He has been empowered by his hometown and inspired by the glorious people he has met through these years. Ben couldn’t wait to meet the beautiful and visionary leaders of YP4.

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Benjamin Mabie

Ben has lived and studied in California’s Santa Cruz, and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a high school speech and debate coach. He was a member of Sin Barras, an organization of those directly affected by police terrorism and allies dedicated to prison abolition. On campus, Ben has been a participant in anti-privatization struggles, an organizer for the incipient California Student Union (CASU), and an ally in decolonized education.

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Bernardita headshot

Bernardita Yunis

Bernardita Yunis, a 2007 YP4 Fellow and 2008 FLLA Fellow, was born in Viña del Mar, Chile and spent her teenage and college years in Miami, FL. Bernardita was introduced to social justice and human rights work while in high school and college where she was President of Amnesty International. In 2006, Bernardita was also involved in the successful solidarity campaign as a leading organizer with STAND (Students Towards A New Democracy) for the UNICCO workers’ strike that won them a raise (living wage), health insurance, and the right to unionize. In August 2008, she graduated with a BSC in Communication Studies and International Studies, and a BLA in Religious Studies. After undergrad, she interned at the Clinton Foundation in Harlem in their Correspondence Department, and worked at Colson Hicks Eidson, a major litigation law firm Coral Gables, FL helping property owners afflicted with contaminated Chinese Drywall in their homes. Bernardita started working at nonprofits in 2012 when she was a Relationship Management Specialist at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. She also worked as a Communications Specialist at People For the American Way in 2014. Bernardita went to The Pennsylvania State University for a Masters in Communications Studies, which she will receive in 2015. While at PSU, she taught public speaking and group communication in the Communication Arts & Sciences Department of the College of Liberal Arts to undergraduates. She also wrote a thesis on identity creation in the Chilean miners’ accident of 2010. Bernardita has also worked as a Media Specialist at the Center for Community Change, focusing on immigrants’ rights and economic justice work.

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Bernice Chan

Bernice Huiying Chan is the daughter of immigrant parents from Toisan, China. She attended Wellesley College, where she created her own Ethnic Studies Major and was a lead organizer of a student movement calling for the college to institutionalize Ethnic Studies and provide greater resources for marginalized students. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Huiying experienced and witnessed the racism and injustices within schools in relation to how working -class Asian immigrants are treated in society. She strives for a day when the next generation does not have to experience the same inequalities and one where children of color are not ashamed of their roots and home language. Huiying loves to write, perform at Open Mics, and engage in anything related to the creative arts.

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Beth huang

Beth Huang

Beth has been an organizer with AFSCME International and is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She was a 2010 YP4 Fellow and worked on a blueprint project to fight union busting on campus and to build solidarity with campus workers. Her blueprint shifted when the conservative state government spread union busting to all state public employees. At UW-Madison, she first became involved in the Student Labor Action Coalition, a campus affiliate of United Students Against Sweatshops, which worked toward building student solidarity on campus and international solidarity campaigns. She was involved in running progressive slates for student government and served as the Vice President of United Council of UW Students, the statewide student association of Wisconsin. She has helped organize many campaigns, which have resulted in the divestment of UW-Madison from Nike Athletic, a tuition freeze for 180,000 students, and a progressive student of color being elected to local government.

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Betsy Ott

Betsy has been an international development professional with six years of community-level program design and management experience, both domestically and abroad. She came to JSI Research and Training from the medical software industry, where she worked as a Sales Coordinator in Wisconsin. As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, Betsy served in Ukraine from 2009-2012, collaborating with the National Ministry of Education and local schools to improve English language teaching methodologies. She is a 2008 Young People For Fellow, and is actively engaged as a fem/mentor and facilitator. Betsy graduated from Northern Michigan University in 2008, where she studied Writing and Environmental Conservation.

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Bianca Rodriguez

Bianca is a Hispanic-American aspiring writer, and burgeoning humanitarian. She sees YP4 as the perfect platform to help her make a lasting change in her community. Bianca’s passions are the arts, education, mental health, and human rights. She believes in every human being’s right to health, happiness, and prosperity. Her goal is to meet and work with like-minded individuals striving to make a change in the world.

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Binh Nguyen

Growing up with a single mother but being fortunate to go to school led Binh to believe firmly in the need to reach out to our neighbors with arms of compassion & education values. This belief reflects in his involvement with different organizations when he emigrated from Vietnam and chose to live with his relatives in the East Side of San Jose, which struggled with severe socioeconomic challenges. Through his work with elected officials and non-profit organizations such as S.I.R.E.N., and Community Health Partnership, his vision of health and medicine was infused with political advocacy. He found himself as a patient advocate and made legislative visits to fight for bills that would address loopholes in health coverage to immigrants.  Through building relationships with doctors, he became more passionate about being a doctor to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Blake Broadnax

Blake grew up in Madison, Wisconsin which has some of the worst disparity gaps in the nation. This heavily influenced his motivation towards attaining justice in a variety of areas.  He has been involved with the Black Lives Matter movement which is active in Madison, Wisconsin.  His hometown is in the national media due to a police brutality case where Tony Robinson, a 19-year-old biracial teen, lost his life. This fueled his drive to major in Political Science and minor in Urban Studies during his time at Loyola University Chicago.  His focus areas are judicial reform, economic inequality, and mass incarceration.  Blake has taken part in an organization called Stop Mass Incarceration Chicago.  He plans to become a civil rights lawyer in the future so that he can apply his passion for making a lasting change.

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Blessing Ikpa

Blessing Ikpa attended American University’s School of International Service in Washington DC to pursue her Master’s in Ethics, Peace, and Global Affairs. She is most passionate about issues relating to human rights and social justice. Blessing has completed internships with Oxfam International in Italy, Oklahoma Policy Institute, and the Gender + Equality Center at the University of Oklahoma where she completed her undergraduate degree in Criminology – Sociology. Blessing hopes to continue her love of traveling through her future career while implementing a focus on basic human rights for all people.

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Bobbie Sedlmajer

Bobbie Sedlmajer was an Architecture graduate from South Dakota State University and an Anthropology student at Colorado State University. She is an enrolled and active member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe in South Dakota. Bobbie aspires to create a dialogue with her tribal members about the hardships and poor living conditions faced by many on the reservation. Then, together develop a plan to improve these conditions and make change happen.

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Boomer Vicente

Boomer Vicente attended UC Berkeley, where he studied Political Science and Public Policy. Born and raised in Santa Ana, his experiences in Santa Ana molded and influenced him to be a community organizer and activist. He saw the limited access to education, the mass incarceration of his community, and the constant barriers towards communities of color. During his time at UC Berkeley, he was involved on and off campus to empower communities of color. He interned in the Raza Recruitment and Retention Center on campus his first year, worked on projects and community events to build community and do external outreach for Latinx students. He was a Justice Corps intern at the San Francisco Superior Courthouse where he helped more than 80 self-represented litigants on court based issues such as family law, housing, civil harassment, restraining orders, gender changes and more. In addition, he was a Police Review Commissioner for the City of Berkeley where he helped conduct an investigation of the Berkeley Police Department to address concerns and policies during the December Black Lives Matter demonstration.

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