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The YP4 Network has grown to over 1,700 young activists doing social justice work in communities across the United States and the world. For a sense of who is working in your area or where to find other members of the YP4 network, please consult the directory below.

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Brandon Briscoe

Brandon Briscoe was a student at Capital University, studying Business Management. He is a first generation college student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since being at Capital University, Brandon became an intern for Capital University’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion, a Student Ambassador the Admissions Office, and a member of Capital University’s Integrated Marketing Communications Committee. Brandon also served as the Co-Coordinator for Capital University’s Smooth Transitions Program. He was an Equal Opportunity Review Commission Intern for the City of Pittsburgh, the home of Mayor Bill Peduto. He has also served as the Vice President of Communications of Student Government and is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., Omicron Rho chapter. After graduation, Mr. Briscoe plans to attend graduate school to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. In the future, Brandon would like to start a non-profit organization which will focus on Leadership Development for Minorities/Underrepresented Populations.

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Brandon Hill

Brandon studied political science and education policy at Stanford. In addition to serving as a Congressional intern in Washington D.C., Brandon has written for the Huffington Post, spoken for TEDx, and aspires to a career in government and public service. An aficionado of smooth jazz, Spanish language, and spoken word poetry, Brandon is excited about what lies ahead during his time on the Farm.

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Brandon Truong

Brandon Truong attended the University of California, Santa Cruz. As a youth leader for the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE), he worked to mobilize and educate students on climate change. Since participating in protests against tuition hikes in San Francisco and Santa Cruz, Brandon believes that the most pressing issue that needs to be addressed in his community is apathy. He believes that many people in his community are well versed in social justice issues such as human rights, climate change, and poverty. However, the majority chooses to remain complacent when they are called to action. As a YP4 Fellow, Brandon was determined to collaborate with other students across the country to expand his views on these issues, as well as understand and gain direction on how to combat the lack of civic engagement in his community.

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Brenda Alvarez

Brenda attended Oberlin College studying Comparative American Studies. Born and raised in Chicago, she takes particular interests in discussing and learning more about education including educational systems in urban areas, the privatization of education, education for undocumented people, or diversity in relation to transitioning into higher education. , Brenda has been involved with various campus organizations such as La Alianza Latin@, which serves as a safe-space for Latin@ identifying students. She mentored and tutored Oberlin middle and high school students through the Ninde Scholars program, in addition to being a peer mentor for Pell eligible and/or first-generation first-year students. Brenda plans on working in education in the future and hopes that opportunity will help her develop the skills and tools needed to create substantial change.

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Brendien Mitchell

Brendien studied Political Science and Economics at Howard University, and he is prepared for his destiny. For the past 8 years, he has been active in civil and social justice as well as community development. He has argued in support of affirmative action, corporate accountability, and the Voting Rights Act on the steps of the Supreme Court, and continues to be a champion for economic development and educational equality. Brendien is a creative dreamer and decisive thinker with a vision for the future. Through YP4, Brendien continued his work in grassroots organizing and the civil rights movement.

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Brent Hamlet

Brent, a 2014 Fellow is now propelling himself toward the front of the issue of Courts and Community Safety and Justice particularly in the inner city communities of his hometown of Chicago. Part of the goal of his blueprint for Social Justice, seeks to lift upon the positive alternatives that might help lead to the reduction of what he labels: incarceration and assassination of people of color. Since being offered the awesome opportunity of becoming a fellow with YP4, Brent became a volunteer of many political campaigns of progressive candidates whose mission was to tackle this issue head on. He became more active in groups such as: The Stop Mass Incarceration Network, The Iron Student Network, The Black Youth Project as well as just recently joining the Associate board member of Build Chicago. Build is a respected nonprofit based out of Chicago, who for almost 50 years has worked tirelessly in some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods to curb the violence that they point out takes away not only the positive potential but also most tragic, the very lives of young people. . He is also a part of the Gun Violence Prevention network with Generation Progress and is among the many progressive millennials chosen to take part in the Fight for a Future summit. Brent takes great pride in speaking to younger audiences and their families about the importance of Identity, history and self- determination. He is employed as a Child Development Specialist with JCC Chicago. Brent plans on going for a Masters degree in Special Education in the fall of 2015.

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Brett Paterson

Brett Patterson

Brett Patterson envisions a society where the resources and education needed to maintain equal opportunities and choices are readily available to those in need. In Brett’s rural community in the Central Valley of California, many queer youth and women of color go through the public school system with inadequate or even false sex education. Furthermore, the resources to find health clinics and women’s centers are limited or nonexistent. He has created projectGUESS, which aims to empower and enable such communities to find resources, access information regarding their health and choices. Through university-distributed magazines, online virtual resource centers, and mentorship programs, Brett and projectGUESS set out to identify the issues by directly asking the community to provide the correct education and resources to tackle issues like queer/trans health, women’s opportunity growth, and minority youth advancement. With the spark of a movement, Brett hopes that one day that these issues will be addressed at the state level.

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Brian Garcia

Brian served as the Community Liaison and Campus Involvement Co-Chair of the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) AZ Steering Committee. He also served as the President of the HRC@ASU chapter. Following direction and advice of the committee, Brian represented and served as a liaison of those involved with HRC at the local level with issues such as marriage equality, LGBT rights, inclusion, anti-discrimination, anti-bullying, etc

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Brian Gomez

Brian studied Economic Policy at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Brian has previously worked on projects with the Alliance for Climate Education to increase energy efficiency in the Chicago Public Schools. He is passionate about environmental issues and how they relate to communities and business development. Originally from Mexico City, Brian hopes to develop a sustainable community business model that is relevant to many corners of the globe. Brian has worked with the Sierra Club on the Clean Jobs campaign in Chicago.

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Brianna Warner

Brianna was a devoted student and is a passionate social justice advocate. She served as the vice president for her campus branch of the National Organization for Women and as the student liaison for her local American Association for University Women branch. With NOW and AAUW, she worked to create solutions to issues such as the wage gap and rape culture. As a member of these and other organizations, she is dedicated to ending the oppression of all women, not some. She hopes to continue this work and learn to develop better strategies to affect social change.

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Brielle Giesemann

Brielle is from Phoenix, Arizona and has studied Spanish and Sociology with a minor in philosophy at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in Flagstaff. She grew up in a community where volunteering was encouraged. Their activism for Phoenix’s homeless, immigrant, and young mother populations played a key role in the formation of her progressive values. She was a co-founder of NAU Collegetown and has served as an advisor to the 2013 executive board. Brielle is an enthusiastic Sex and Body Positive advocate and proponent of the power of contagious optimism. She cares deeply about social stratification on the basis of socioeconomic status and access and their correlative relation to racial minorities. She enjoys all things Harry Potter, clever puns, Swedish Fish, world travel, and weird animal YouTube videos.

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Brienne Colston

Brienne Colston was a student at Lawrence University. She was heavily involved in student activism, being the vice-chairperson of the Lawrence University Committee on Diversity Affairs, founder and president of All Is One: Empowering Young Women of Color, and chapter president of her local sorority. Colston’s hometown is the South Bronx, and she is committed to the empowerment of young women of color in low-income neighborhoods around the United States. Brienne is a proud alumna of the Sadie Nash Leadership Program Summer Institute and a Posse Foundation scholar in Lawrence University Posse 5.

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Brittany Burnam

Brittany Burnam is a graduate of the University of North Texas. She received her Bachelors of Science in Sociology with a minor in Social Sciences. She served in many organizations and roles included The Amazin’ Zeta Eta chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc., UNT Positivity Ambassadors, an SGA Senator, and a Youth Marketing Director for Cherie on Top Community Center. After her first year as UNT NAACP president, she worked with her organization and the next year they won the: National Chapter of the Year award, Economic Empowerment Award, and Voter Empowerment Award. She also served her second year as UNT NAACP President. She has spent much of her time empowering, educating, and advocating for the rights of women, poverty in America, voting rights, education, and people of color. A community organizer and educator, Brittany Burnam has spoken at and organized many programs for the community. Her first act that she was proud of was being able to speak at the rally at capitol hill in Austin, TX for social welfare and social worker rights. Brittany hopes to create a non-profit that creates opportunities and bridges the gap for those in disadvantaged communities. Also, creating her own business working with businesses and organizations to help them with their own missions and goals. With a unique focus on the social good, she is one that believes your story is someone’s testimony. You should never be ashamed of who you are or your past, but use your story as an advantage and how you can use it to look forward to the future.

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Brittany Smith

Brittany studied at Harold Washington College in Chicago, Illinois. She was born April 12, 1992, in Lima, Ohio. She grew up in Columbus, Ohio in a single-parent home with three siblings. Brittany attended Fort Hayes Art and Education High School. There, she discovered her true passion for music and poetry. She also found that she took a serious interest in social and political issues, and participated in many groups for social change. Brittany attended Columbia College Chicago for a semester but had to leave because of financial issues. She stayed in Chicago to work on her craft of music and poetry.

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Brooke Cisneros

Brooke Cisneros was a student at the University of New Mexico. She was a part of Ready to Run NM. The non-partisan program meant to provide women with tools to run for elected office or become more involved in public service. Through her internship, she closely worked with the Southwest Hispanic Research Institute. She roles the at University’s Children.

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