Cleveland Shooting Highlights Oppressive Behaviors

Replaying in news outlets and on phone screens across the country, were the violent events that occurred in Cleveland, where a man by the name of Steve Stephens announced a…


Building Tomorrow: The Need For Sustained Investment in America’s Progressive Youth

The current political moment we find ourselves in calls for an assessment of where we stand as a youth progressive movement, and how we can strategically build power to win….


A Day Without Women- YP4 Call to Action

Here at Young People For, we are in solidarity with those who are observing “A Day without Women”. For us, the purpose of this day is to come together to…


The Time is Now!

It is time for unity and collective empowerment. It is time to think strategically, open mindedly, and productively. This should not be the time to stand in division, nor should…


The Exhausting Debate Between Allyship and Solidarity

Within the last week, I have experienced an array of emotions. Feeling emotion is rejuvenating, it is powerful. Our very true feelings and thoughts are to be validated, not a…


Endaso giizhigad Ningaagiigido Anishinaabemowin

Aaniin. Cyndi nindizhinikaaz. Ninonjiba Chigagou, nindadaa Wauwatosa Wiskonsin. Nindoodem animikii gaye miskawaadesi. Nind Anishinaabekwe. Hello, I am called Cyndi. I am from Chicago and currently live in Wauwatosa,Wisconsin. I belong…


Allow me to reintroduce myself: a letter from our NEW YP4 Director!

While many of you may know me as a member of the YP4 Alumni community, I am writing you today to let you know that I have officially stepped into…


“I think of voting as a chess move, not a valentine.”

In a piece for published last week in The Nation, the writer and activist Rebecca Solnit spoke powerfully about the importance of voting as a strategic choice rather than a…


I Can’t Vote, but I Refuse to Sit Out This Election

  For many of us who legally can’t participate in this year’s election, our inability to vote for our preferred candidate isn’t stopping us from engaging in the political process…



Young People For is an incredible opportunity for folks who are interested in learning from and building with other progressively-minded, young advocates for change. I started my Fellowship experience in…