The Femtor/Mentor application is closing this coming Monday, 9/5! Don’t miss out on your chance to work closely with members of the current Fellowship class and continue your personal development as a member of the YP4 Alumni Network.

Femtor/Mentorship is a crucial aspect of YP4’s Fellowship program, and we need your help to make it a success.  Check out 3 simple reasons why you should apply to serve our Network as a fem/mentor this weekend.

  1. There is still a lot to learn. YP4’s Fellowship program was created to foster the leadership and power of youth in the collective liberation movement. A femtor/mentor relationship is a two-way street, and the learning process is always reciprocal. While we as Alumni have a lot of knowledge to impart to our fem/mentees, it’s important to remember just how amazing our Fellows are. Many of the folks we’ll get to work with as fem/mentors bring strong analyses of the movement with them to the Fellowship. They certainly will push us to think deeper and harder about the approaches to social change we employ and the issues we concentrate on. Working with Fellows reenergizes Alumni in our network and refocuses them as to why they engage in social justice work to begin with. With an exchange of ideas, sharing of resources, and a continuously growing network, the femtor/mentorship program has so much potential to advance your growth as a leader.
  2. Refining your leadership role. As Alumni who have completed blueprints for social justice or have tremendous life experience doing this work, there is a level of expertise each femtor/mentor can provide to their Fellow. Although the benefits can be reciprocal, the Fellow will look to your style of leadership and seek advice on being an agent of social change. For most Fellows, they will look to you for affirmation of their hard work. They will come to you for that validation that they are not alone in this work and can depend on your guidance.
  3. Collective liberation requires collective participation. As Alumni in the YP4 family, we have tapped into a vast network of resources and leaders in the collective liberation movement. Our analysis of social injustices and intersectional frameworks has improved from learning from other Fellows, trainers, and possibly femtors/mentors we met during the Fellowship year. Our healing and support does not have to be done alone, either. In this work, we are humbled by leaders who invested their time and resources in us, while recognizing there comes a responsibility to continue passing on our knowledge and resources for an innovative new cohort of leaders. We have to be the person our younger selves needed. We have to reach back and pull up others while we climb our way up. Showing up for our fellows, not only as alumni, but as femtor/mentors is integral to our collective liberation.

There are so many enriching reasons to pay it forward and become a femtor/mentor to YP4’s cohort of fellows this year. Get your applications in now!