YP4 recently hosted its 4th annual Alumni Board Meeting, where we were joined by 11 diverse board members who represent each Fellowship year, from our inaugural class in 2005 to the current graduating class for 2013 Fellows, and who will represent the vast alumni network over the course of the next year. This year’s board members hail from New Mexico, California, Oklahoma, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas, and are working as educators, advocates, social entrepreneurs, software engineers, and activists on college campuses. They convened from April 25- 27th for their first in-person meeting to plan opportunities for other alumni to engage with the YP4 network, prepare to serve as YP4 trainers, and engage in strategic planning for the upcoming 10th year anniversary. They will also be running trainings for our 2014-2015 Fellows during this summer’s Regional Trainings in New York City, San Francisco, Chicago and Houston, and will help usher our organization into our ten year anniversary celebration this coming year!