In 2015, YP4 hosted three regional trainings at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH; the University of California at Berkeley; and Charlotte, NC at Queens University of Charlotte.

Fellows were trained on eight core curriculum pieces and had the opportunity to learn from and interact with YP4 staff, alumni and partners. Fellows had time to think critically and collaborate on their Blueprints for Social Justice through issue-based working groups. They also delved deeper into facilitated conversations on institutional power, privilege, oppression and race through identity-based breakout groups.

In addition to the regional trainings, YP4 hosted a pre-convening for six community college fellows from North Carolina. The day-long training explored and discussed a variety of topics: the state of their communities and cities; the diversity of resources and observations within their communities and why they want to do social justice work; how to pitch their work when they are networking and building relationships with allies, supporters and the general public; what skills they already have and what skills they need; how to develop elevator pitches to talk about their work; how to move their work along within academic and/or political networks; how to maneuver within social justice networks; how to build their own teams to advance a progressive agenda in their communities; and how to estimate the amount of money it take to do their work and how raise support for it.

In early September Fellows were matched with peer and alumni mentors to support their individual development and the implementation of their Blueprints for Social Justice. YP4 staff looks forward to supporting this class of 120 Fellows from 35 states and 90 campus and communities and supporting them in enacting positive change.