64 Blueprints for Social Justice were implemented by the current class of 2014-2015 Fellows (a class of 118 progressive activists from 97 campuses across 37 states), covering a wide range of 13 different issues areas. Projects range from youth mentorship programs, to advocating for university investment in their communities, and fighting for higher education reform. Be sure to read more about the phenomenal work the Fellows are doing in the class yearbook, which will be released at the end of May, and stay tuned for all of the Blueprints to be added to our Blueprint Database in the very near future!

Additionally, applicants for the 2015-2016 Fellowship class have heard about their application status and we now have a new cohort of 2015-2016 Fellows! It was difficult to select 150 candidates from an applicant pool of over 400, and we look forward to working with incoming Fellows to put their ideas into action and advance progressive change.

If you are interested in hearing more about our current and upcoming Fellowship class, please email Fellow Program Manager Andrew Humphrey at ahumphrey@pfaw.org.