YP4, in partnership with the YEO Network, graduated the inaugural local fellowship class of Front Line Leaders Academy: Los Angeles on January 18th, 2015. After six months in the Fellowship, fifteen of Los Angeles’ up and coming progressive leaders met for the final time to receive training from campaign consultants on opposition research, direct mail, non-verbal communication as well as digital fundraising.

Throughout the graduation weekend, the fellows were assessed on their knowledge of the campaign material covered over the past six months in their fellowship including delivering their stump speeches, presenting their campaign plans and fielding questions from a press junket. With the help of FLLA alumni, YEOs and campaign experts, the FLLA fellows were pinned and became the newest FLLA alumni. Major congratulations to them all!


FLLA:LA in Fellows’ Words

What session do you think was the most beneficial supplemental session?

“The public speaking portion, as I get ready to go into public education, these sessions helped me understand that there is a lot of work that I need to do, such as organizing my thoughts and holding myself collectively. Overall, I am confident how to possibly help run a campaign and putting together a comprehensive structure to win.” – Tilo Lopez

Did you find the Field Plan Debrief assessment challenging?

“Definitely challenging. The most challenging. The most for my personal growth. As far as my professional development I have a more realistic look at the difference between progressive and creative to winning and getting leaders in office.” – Karen Bacolod

Did you find the Press Junket assessment challenging?

“Yes, it was challenging in making sure we know all details of our scenarios and to answer in the correct way. It has helped me see my strengths and weaknesses as a potential political candidate.” – Karen Bacolod

 “Really nervous at first, but we prepared well beforehand.” – Diego Janacua Cortez


If you are interested in learning more about Front Line Leaders Academy, please contact Karen Schillinger at kschillinger@pfaw.org.