For 10 years, YP4 has been a leader in equipping young social justice activists with the knowledge, skills, and networks they need to turn their visions for justice into tangible improvements for their communities. Over this last decade, we’re immensely proud that YP4 Fellows and alumni have been leading progress across movements for social justice on virtually every issue that is important to our communities.

We’ve also seen again and again that times are changing, tactics evolving, and the youth progressive movement becoming ever-more bold and effective. Dreamers are infiltrating detention facilities to bring light to their inhumane conditions. Black Lives Matter organizers are taking the stage to push presidential candidates to take more courageous stances on police brutality toward communities of color. An undocumented transgender woman visited the White House and called Obama to account for his continued detention and deportation of LGBTQ and trans immigrants. And Black student organizers are leading their peers to rise up and fight back against the deep-seated racism and white supremacy upon which so many of our institutions in this country were founded. Regardless of the issue, young people are pushing us all to be better and to question our definitions of “progress” and our assumptions about the nature, speed, and limits of social change.

As we reflect on all the ways our movement has evolved over the last decade, we are reminded of the far-reaching impact of the YP4 program and of the new challenges which compel us to become an even more resourceful supporter of young change makers in our second decade. We know precisely because of the role we’ve played over the last decade that even institutions like YP4 must stay nimble and evolve to continue to meet the needs of our young people on the frontlines.

As such, we are currently looking for the leader who can lead us fearlessly into this next era of YP4, and we need your help! If you know someone who might be that person—or if you yourself are that person—please apply and/or share this job description to help us find our next bold leader.

At YP4, we look forward to working alongside you in your quest for justice. As we select our next director, we are guided by your input, inspired by your actions, and humbled by your passion for living into the promise of social justice each day.

In struggle and solidarity,

The YP4 Team – Andrew, Karen, Mercedes, Erik, Maryssa, Mike, Lela and Laura