Faux News, the CBC, and Mistaken Identity

| June 5, 2007 - 11:34 pm

Tags: Congress, conservatism, FOX News, race, racism


Faux News and the CBC may need to review the terms of their presidential debate agreements... again... take it under full consideration for many, many reasons.

The least of which, but certainly the most recent:

A Case of Mistaken Identity!

Bill O'Reilly Boycotting Own Show

| November 19, 2006 - 4:01 pm

Tags: abortion, Bill O'Reilly, FOX News, New York Times, O.J. Simpson

Or so he would lead you to believe. On his prime-time gab fest Friday evening, the self-proclaimed cultural warrior and Caribbean vacation fantasizer declared, "if any company sponsors the [O.J. Simpson 'hypothetical' confessional TV appearance], I will not buy anything that company sells -- ever."

It just so happens that the book the interview is promoting is being published by ReganBooks, an imprint owned by none other than NewsCorp, which also owns Fox News.

Thanks Bill! I'll boycott your show if you really want me too. I'll even go out of my way and stop watching Brit Hume too.

O'Rielly also took the time to equate the double murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman with what else - abortion - while blaming the the New York Times for supporting the butchering of babies.

Why mention your hyporcritical corporate overlords by name when you can transpose a completely unrelated issue into the conversation to rail on the "elite media" at the New York Times?