Young People Vote: Front Line Leaders Academy

Kevin Killer opened the evening session reminding us that politics goes right down to our communities. We cannot move on and move up and forget where we came from. We cannot begin our politics witout startingwith our communities as a launch point.
This evening we learn about the four candidates running for the position of Youth Ambassador for Young People For. The candidates and their campaign teams are completing their final project for the Front Line Leaders Academy (FLLA) - running for the top YP4 youth office.

Front Line Leaders - Preparing a New Generation


Tallahassee, Florida City Commissioner, Andrew Gillum and Georgia State Representative Alisha Thomas Morgan are the leaders of the Young Elected Officials Network, a program of People For the American Way Foundation.

This weekend they hosted the second of four three-day workshops for the 20 Fellows enrolled in the Front Line Leaders Academy.

The Front Line Leaders Academy works with young, unknown leaders and provides trainings on a wide range of leadership development and political skills.

Each leadership development class of FLLA engages in a series of face-to-face workshops and hands-on, interactive sessions facilitated by successful local leaders and industry experts. The program also involves members of the Young Elected Officials Network who serve as instructors, advisors and evaluators for the Front Line Leaders Academy. Between bi-monthly sessions, Fellows work on training-related assignments and receive customized instruction to further develop their skill set through the internet and conference calls.

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