New Study Finds That AIDS Virus is Likely Over One Hundred Years Old

Although the AIDS virus initially flew under the radar screen and did not enter into the public consciousness to any great extent until the 1970's, a new study suggests that HIV likely began spreading to humans around 1900 in sub-Saharan Africa near what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Need A Block Party Idea for the Summer?

| June 1, 2007 - 4:37 pm

Tags: activism, blueprints, environment, HIV, progressive, YP4


Why not combine the fun of summer block parties with passion of social justice!

This unique and exciting concept was the basis of the blueprint from the 2007 Howard University Fellows--Sable Nelson, Kari Fulton, Itohan Osaigbovo.

To address health and environmental issues on their campus and in the community, they developed an annual block party called Loving Our City, Loving Ourselves