Innocent Until Proven Guilty

| May 27, 2008 - 1:15 pm

Tags: advocacy, Criminal Justice, trial

Today, May 27th, is a very important day. Today marks the start of the trial of Alvin Clay of Little Rock, Arkanasa. To say that this trial would be a stretch of the backbone of our justice system, a presumption of innocence, would be an understatement.

For many Americans in neighborhoods struggling with drugs and violence, the justice system is a threatening burden bringing fear instead of protection. While it may be right to say that those who have nothing to hide have no reason to be afraid, those who fight on the side of justice sometimes find themselves victim of their own network. This is the seat Alvin Clay after nearly a decade as a defense lawyer.

What's all the buzz about?

| May 11, 2007 - 3:56 pm

Tags: advocacy, film, malaria


Every thirty seconds, a child in Africa dies of Malaria. That means that by the time you've finished reading this announcement, two children will have died from a completely preventable disease. You have the power to help save lives. Simple ten-dollar bed nets can protect children's lives by keeping malaria-carrying mosquitoes out.

I've been working with a youth-driven nonprofit called Americans for Informed Democracy and we want YP4 fellows to raise awareness and funds to support the global fight against malaria. And we want you to film what you do. Our contest is called Buzz Cuts and it strives to harness the power of media and student creativity to save lives. Buzz Cuts is looking for your creative proposals for a "net-raising" event that will help raise money for the NothingButNets.nets campaign and build awareness about the global fight against malaria.

AID will send out video cameras and $500 mini-grants to the best campaign and film proposals. The films that are made will be distributed so that others can use your campaign strategies in their communities. Sign up now and start saving lives one film at a time.

Visit to get started.

great minds think . . .differently

| January 13, 2007 - 4:15 pm

Tags: activism, advocacy, Africa, future, hip hop, progressive, Young People For

A national summit of the next generation of progressive leaders, a coalition of dedicated individuals with passionate causes, a gathering of some of the greatest minds that the world will ever have the privilege meet. Some of us care about LBGT rights, some women's rights, some human rights, some the right to health, and a variety of other issues under the sun. We are all different, yet defined in the same manner: Progressive!

This summit has been, for me, a great way to meet many other inspiring students working on the real issues and doing their work in incredible ways. The summit has made me rethink my position in this great world system and re-evaluate my course of action.

I stand for progress and the following thoughts are compiled from the last few days.

State of the Female Nation

| November 16, 2006 - 12:01 am

Tags: abortion, advocacy, education, progressive


Good news: Fifty-one percent of voters in the most recent election were female. Even better news: Fifty-six percent of those women voted Democratic, contributing to the blue landslide. When Americans went to the ballot boxes to cast judgment on the Bush administration and Iraq, they were also asked to weigh in on another war, the one being fought over women's bodies. They faced the prospect of a female Speaker, two heartbeats away from the presidency. Voters also looked ahead to 2008 and saw a woman as one of the most viable Democratic candidates for the presidency. What did this powerful half of the population gain and lose on Tuesday, and what should she collectively demand from the Democrats in the next two years?