dogmatic america

| December 6, 2007 - 8:47 pm

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Disclaimer: This is a piece of writing that I did in my sophomore year of High School for a presentation to attend Close-Up in Washington D.C. I rediscovered it and thought how sadly it has remained relevant nearly four years later. It was also an interesting look at how I was reacting to the growing "war on terror."

11 November 2004

On one hand we are told by some that Bush is pushing war and bent on abandoning the international system of rules and instructions built up by previous presidents. Others argue that Bush has drawn a necessary line in the sand between America and a dangerous coalition of stateless terrorists and rogue nations.

US Missed Opportunities to Kill Zarqawi Before

| June 13, 2006 - 12:34 pm

Tags: al-Qaeda, Iraq, Zarqawi

With stories of Abu Masad Zarqawi's demise flooding the news world, one salient point the mainstream media seems to be ignoring is the past opportunities to kill Zarqawi of which the White House failed to take advantage. And aside from the fact that there have been missed opportunities in the past, does it even need mentioning that al-Qaeda's rise to power in Iraq is the direct result of the US invasion?

Even though many anchor men and women insist on pressing the question of what Zarqawi's death would mean to the war in Iraq, the American public understood quite quickly what it meant- nothing!  Polls show that Americans harbor as little support for the war now as they did before the news.