Twenty (20) Something, Inc. - An Organization for Young Women like YOU!

| January 29, 2009 - 2:22 am

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Driven by the passion and motivation to open doors for other Young Women throughout our nation, this organization works on making dreams possibilities, making dreams achievable, and promoting assertive action by young women in their twenties to take control of their lives and learn of the endless opportunities at their reach.

definition of development (revisited): beauty in the palm of your hand

Last summer I wrote about the definition of development after having a conversation with an incredible Peace Corps volunteer in Ghana who was really making the most of his time and abilities. The conversation that we had really made me think about the term 'development' and what it really means.

One Way to Solve the Energy Crisis: Living Liberally

Bill Scher has a great post up today at Blog for OurFuture about the latest offshore drilling/tire inflating madness.

On Thursday, conservative radio host Sean Hannity claimed Obama said, "All you need to do is inflate your tires. That's all you need to do. If every American would join in this effort, of inflating one's tires, then it's all going to be fine. And we can still import 70% of our oil from Saudi Arabia. Just keep those tires inflated."

Conservatives -- lovers of childish mockery over substantive ideas -- later today are apparently planning to distribute tire gauges at an Obama energy event.

However, as it turns out inflating your tires will actually save you more money in the next year than offshore drilling will save you in the next twenty. How much more? DOUBLE! Bill continues:

Part II: Sex Trafficking in San Francisco, Strength through Weakness

Two weeks ago, I discussed the existence of a third-world within the first-world. In a more recent blog post, I explored the challenges of combating sex trafficking in the United States, more specifically, in my progressive hometown of San Francisco. While I do not profess to completely comprehend the challenges of being a victim/survivor of sex trafficking, I can relate to the experience of being commodified and labeled as "exotic." The comments made by others on my "unique" physical appearance (as a result of my multi-ethnic ancestry), has led me to question if others can appreciate my knowledge and the complexity of my identity without getting distracted by what they see.

One woman's negativity is another woman's empowerment

| May 22, 2007 - 4:49 pm

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I've been labeled a lot of things since I started ChronicBabe, my web site for young women with chronic illness who prefer to think of themselves as Babes...who just happen to be sick chicks. Since I launched the project, some women have held me up as role model (slightly daunting). I've even been called a superhero (made me blush). But today, I received a first: a reader said that I was "negative." Let's call this reader Jane.