Clap once if YOU HEAR ME!! Can I get an AMEN??

Well I thought I'd try this blog thing out on here. First of all, I gotta say that I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would in DC ~ it was all pretty awesome. So... if you didn't know, though I live in S. Dak now, I grew up in Cali... and I was like, the token Indian that whole time. Always felt so great to be at a Pow Wow and be around my other natives ~ because chances are they were like me... the token Indians on their blocks, lol. Some of them were, now that I think of it... not a whole lot grew up like me... then I moved here... and only my cousins loved me, lmao! They didn't care or hold it against me that I was a damn "city Indian" ~ they never called me an apple... it didn't matter that a wasn't a frickin' full blood or didn't know all the retarded party people who lived here. My cousins didn't get mad because I wouldn't drink with them and they thought it was cool I wanted to go to school and take care of my parents. Most of them anyways. I never complained about the others either... never was in my nature... I was always thought I was better than that... I knew who I was.