Equal Rights for All Americans Championed at Oscars

Equal Rights for All Americans Championed at Oscars

By Kevin Gosztola

When It Comes to Facebook Relationships, “It’s (Politically) Complicated”

| March 31, 2008 - 3:41 am

Tags: Facebook, gay rights, lesbian, LGBT, love, sexual orientation

My Facebook engagement lasted less than 24 hours.

I was one of the many whom, during the social networking website’s early development when two profiles first began to link to one another through a declaration of a relationship status, light-heartedly proposed an “engagement” to a female friend from high school.

As a new student at college where not everyone I knew was familiar with the nature of my relationship to my freshly declared “fiancé” and perhaps because these “comical
engagements” were not quite as rampant as they currently are, my relationship status caused confusion. I received several inquiries about “the lucky lady” as well as a sweet but misguided congratulatory email for my impending nuptials.

Getting Started

| September 1, 2007 - 12:23 am

Tags: club, gay, glbt, lesbian

I've been looking, and came to the disappointing realization that my college does not have a gay-straight alliance, or any glbt organizations. I've researched how to get a club started, but am still not sure where to start. does anyone have any suggestions?

Hate Crimes Bill Passes House........bring on the veto.

| May 3, 2007 - 3:52 pm

Tags: gay, hate crime, lesbian, LGBT

The House passed the Local Law Enforcement and Hate Crimes Prevention Act today, with a vote of 237-180.

There's a mirror bill that's already on its way through the Senate.  The legislation would apply equal federal resources to domestic terror crimes that target an individual based on disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity. Currently, these resources are only provided to local law enforcement agencies if a crime targets an individual based on race, color, national origin or religion.

Within hours of the bill passing, the White House had already issued a statement indicating Bush's intent to veto it.

That Darn Gay Agenda

| February 14, 2007 - 6:39 pm

Tags: civil rights, education, gay, glbt, GSA, homophobia, lesbian, LGBT, schools, transgender


Yup, we're at it again. The gay agenda is working its evil puppet strings. A Barstow high school in California is trying to form a Gay Straight Alliance. Can you believe it? Those crazy teenagers are at it again trying to make the school an accepting and diverse environment.

But one member of the community won't let this abomination go unopposed. In an editorial to the Desert Dispatch, a local paper, Richard Reeb tears into the idea of a GSA, denouncing the organization part of the "gay agenda" that is trying to destroy America.

Certificates of Inequality


This Valentine's Day couples in California are planning in participating in the Freedom to Marry Day protest. Gay and lesbian couples all across the state will be heading to their local county clerk's office to demand marriage certificates, which they will be denied. However, one county clerk's office is taking it a step further.

Mmmm... Propoganda

| February 4, 2007 - 12:33 am

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Isn't it always fun to see a pure propoganda piece aired on television? What's even more fun is when that propoganda piece is aired as actual news. In Tucson, Arizona...