Broken Hearts: The Future of the U.S. Labor Movement

| February 26, 2013 - 6:52 pm

Tags: Labor Movement, middle class, organizing, sequester, working families

By Arianna Schindle, 2008 YP4 Fellow & 2012 Alumni Board Member 

The US labor movement and our country’s social safety net remain hanging from a thread. As the month of love nears its end, it will take new campaigns and visions to create a movement that can heal my broken heart.

Grassroots Organizing vs. Artistic Creativity

Well, my fellow YP4 fellows, I've been doing a lot of experience/searching/thinking about which types of activism I am best suited for.

Calvin Williams and Matt Birkhold on WireTap: From slingshots to solutions

| September 26, 2008 - 9:34 am

Tags: activism, Calvin Williams, Matt Birkhold, organizing, RNC, strategy, tactics, wiretap

Our illustrious fellowship coordinator Calvin Williams and Matt Birkhold, whom you may remember from his guest blogging tenure, posted a piece on WireTap this week about the Republican National Convention (RNC) demonstrations.

Reviving the American Dream through Unions

I've been fortunate enough to join some of the YP4 staff here at the Netroots Nation Conference in Austin, Texas. One of the goals I shared with other YP4 attendees was connecting with other leaders in the progressive movement who have used the blogsphere as a means of pushing our respective social concerns, particularly racial/gender/economic justice. While my main passion lies in healthcare reform and inequalities in health, based on my personal experience and academic/civil work, I recognize the need to learn about other areas, including the environment, workers' rights, access to affordable higher education, and how they affect our nation's health.

Blogging beyond bricks and mortar

Back when I was at this year's Take Back America conference with the YP4 Internship Program, I met some swell folks from the National Housing Institute (NHI), which publishes the community development magazine Shelterforce. The magazine has launched a new blog called "Rooflines," and yours truly is blogging for it.

This Is Not An Essay, No. 2: Too Much Activism?

Last Wednesday I was approached by a friend and fellow WSAC member about how to set up a new Web site for the project that she is working on. Since neither of us had any idea how long it would take for Technology Services to set up a folder on the school’s server, and the site needed to be up and running within a week, I just bought a domain name and set the site up on an independent server.

A Letter to Mom

| February 4, 2008 - 9:37 pm

Tags: activism, Barack Obama, organizing

Cross-posted on Alex on Politics and DailyKos.

This is a really striking letter to mom that a pair of brothers wrote just yesterday. One of them was kind enough to share it with me.

How online organizing is fueling UMass Amherst's general student strike

| November 16, 2007 - 1:06 pm

Tags: labor, online organizing, organizing, strike, students


A general student strike has been called on UMass Amherst's campus. Organizers have been phonebanking all week to shore up support for the strike.

They also have a thorough and well-organized online presence. As of this writing, their Facebook event has more than 1,700 people "attending," though some are students at other universities.

Having just put the finishing touches on a case study for YP4's forthcoming Little Black Book on online organizing, I have online organizing strategy on the brain even more than usual. Here's my take on what they're doing well with this site.

Read more below.

Take action to support Megan Williams

| September 25, 2007 - 1:48 pm

Tags: organizing, racial, racial slur, racism, sexism, violence, violence against women


Earlier this month, Megan Williams, a 20-year-old black woman, was sexually abused, stabbed and tortured by six white people while repeatedly being called a racial slur.

Not In Our Town is working to facilitate an organized community response.

Here's what you can do to help.

Former YP4 staffer Shawn Dixon in Wired

| September 25, 2007 - 10:15 am

Tags: Edwards, media, online activism, organizing, social networking, Young People For, YP4


You may remember Shawn Dixon as a former YP4 program associate and author of the YP4 Blog column "Café con Leche."

Well, these days he's famous on the Internet. Yesterday Wired magazine profiled Shawn's successful efforts to get John Edwards to come to his tiny hometown, drawing attention to issues that face rural Americans.

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