Change It 2008

| July 18, 2008 - 12:48 am

Tags: Al Gore, global warming, Greenpeace, greenwash, seventh generation

I have had the opportunity to attend the first two days of the "Change It" conference in Boston which is being sponsored by Greenpeace and Seventh Generation.  There are more than fifty young people present. Each of them has a passion for the environment, but they are all very different. Students have come from the South, like Florida, from New England, from places like Vermont and from the Mid-West and each of them had so much energy and excitement.  I actually ran into a YP4 fellow at the conference, Betsy Ott from Northern Michigan University. Everyone is at the conference with the hope that when they go back to their campuses they can change it.

Clap once if YOU HEAR ME!! Can I get an AMEN??

Well I thought I'd try this blog thing out on here. First of all, I gotta say that I learned a lot more than I ever thought I would in DC ~ it was all pretty awesome. So... if you didn't know, though I live in S. Dak now, I grew up in Cali... and I was like, the token Indian that whole time. Always felt so great to be at a Pow Wow and be around my other natives ~ because chances are they were like me... the token Indians on their blocks, lol. Some of them were, now that I think of it... not a whole lot grew up like me... then I moved here... and only my cousins loved me, lmao! They didn't care or hold it against me that I was a damn "city Indian" ~ they never called me an apple... it didn't matter that a wasn't a frickin' full blood or didn't know all the retarded party people who lived here. My cousins didn't get mad because I wouldn't drink with them and they thought it was cool I wanted to go to school and take care of my parents. Most of them anyways. I never complained about the others either... never was in my nature... I was always thought I was better than that... I knew who I was.