It is time for unity and collective empowerment. It is time to think strategically, open mindedly, and productively. This should not be the time to stand in division, nor should it be the time to impose fear within our communities across the country.


Better yet, this is the time we may have all been waiting for in order to expand horizons and to comprehend the larger purpose of what we do and whom we do it for.


We all stand on the shoulders of those who walked the paths before us

I stand on the shoulders of my bracero grandparents, and of my housekeeper grandmothers.


I stand on the shoulders of my construction worker father and my housekeeper mother. Whose shoulders do you stand on?


We, as Latinos, immigrants, Hispanics, minorities, people of color, all stand on the shoulders of many who have lost their lives and families while pursuing the American Dream.



Public Media and social network cites feed off of the fear and threat many are publicly stating as if they could accurately represent the voices of all who may be in jeopardy of the actions taken by the next administration.


However, I am confident to say that we don’t all feel the same way. Fear, rejection, threat and insecurity are factors that our families have lived with their entire lives.


So, for me stating that I have ever been Unafraid would be a complete fallacy to my family and myself, simply because it has never been about being Unafraid.


But yet it’s been about deciding what defines us. Though fear lives within our everyday lives, we have chosen to let our work and passion for  a better future guide us through the rough times.


Therefore by boosting a feeling of uncertainty and anxiety we do not WIN anything.


Some of us simply cannot afford to be engulfed within a climate of hatred, attacks and disrespect. Therefore, we must choose to be the bigger person, one who will set an example of transformational leadership that will transcend time and political leadership.



Therefore, this political climate provides us two options.


Number one, which is to petty ourselves for our losses and consciously decide to dwell on the battles lost, which may seen irreparable and thus will lead to direct confrontation without strategic action. Ultimately leaving us with no durable or reliable policy changes to demonstrate the value of our contributions to the Nation that has seen us bloom through our work and persistence.





Option number two which comes down to the inherent responsibility everyone should be feeling now to collaborate, support and join in alliance to empower communities that continue to be threatened by fear and policies that do not represent their work, dedication and passion to succeed. The time to build, reinforce and reconstruct burned bridges is most definitely now.


The time to hold hands with all allies is now.  The time to educate those who do not understand who we are, what we do and how we positively contribute into the growth of this nation is now.


Let’s unify forces, let’s empower the powerless through the brilliance of understanding the strength of constructive dialogue through leadership action that will stand on behalf of the many unheard voices who work day by day to make this Country a better place for the generations of tomorrow.