Every two years, YP4 conducts a nonpartisan voter mobilization program to increase the participation and representation of young people in the electoral process. We focus not only on presidential election years but also on midterms in order to sustain political engagement and create lasting progressive change. Our work emphasizes outreach to communities that have been marginalized in the political process.

In 2014, 25 YP4 vote organizers mobilized over 30,000 people to vote in 15 different states with the help of over 200 volunteers. The organizers contacted voters and other community members by registering voters, gathering pledge cards, driving folks to the polls, and hosting over 200 rallies and events to share knowledge about the political process and ensure thousands could cast ballots during the election – many for the first time.

YP4’s 2014 Voter Engagement Numbers

  • 25 Fellows worked as YP4 Vote Organizers this cycle
  • In 15 states
  • On 22 campuses
  • 500 Arrive With 5 pledge cards gathered, on which voters pledged to mobilize 5 family and/or peers to vote
  • 200 youth volunteers trained in organizing and voter mobilization tactics
  • 200 awareness-raising events were held across the country
  • 3000 voters were registered by YP4 organizers and their volunteers
  • 30,000 voters mobilized by YP4 Vote Organizers’