24 Plus 1

Lorena believes small actions make a huge difference and that if you want to make a sustainable change in a community you must connect with individuals regardless of whether or not they are affected by an issue. Her Blueprint, the 24 Plus 1 project, started as a way to celebrate her birthday, and eventually challenged her community to create 24 random acts of kindness or projects before her birthday. Each project would provide a message to raise awareness about an issue in Orlando, FL. The last would be on Lorenas birthday and bring together all the twenty four projects that were done before then. 24 Plus 1 is a different approach to service and engagement by using social innovation as the key to establishing solid relationships. Each project and idea is innovative, realistic, affordable and uplifting. The 24 Plus 1 Project creates a network in Orlando that inspires young leaders to go forth into their communities and challenge social issues while building service projects to create a social change.