ACT TMC! Amend the Curriculum to Transform TMC!

ACT TMC! (Amend the Curriculum to Transform the Texas Medical Center) is a coalition of healthcare professionals developed by Farhan Mithani that aims to tackle health disparities and promote health equity in the greater Houston area. Farhan and ACT TMC! host social justice trainings, workshops, and panel
discussions in the Houston area to motivate a healthy dialogue of recognizing and tackling health disparities in the everyday practices of healthcare professionals.
With assistance from local community clinics in Houston, Farhan and ACT TMC! will pressure curriculum directors at Baylor College of Medicine, McGovern School of Medicine, and Texas A&M College of Medicine to amend the medical school curriculum to include educational and professional development trainings for its students to better tackle health disparities. Farhan is currently pursuing a medical education at Texas A&M College of Medicine and is working with other medical students at Baylor College of Medicine and McGovern School of Medicine, therefore, Farhan and his peers understand areas of the medical education curriculum that require more inclusive language and teachings of healthcare disparities. Farhan recognizes the stark health disparities amongst immigrant families, people of color, and in particular, lesbian, gay, and transgender communities in Houston, and hopes to revolutionize TMC education and clear the path for more equal and just practices amongst healthcare professionals.

What defines a healthcare professional? A healthcare professional is any individual that provides advice/dialogue to others of their health. Healthcare professionals
include pharmacists, physicians, physical therapists, dentists, mental health counselors, optometrists, etc. All healthcare professionals have the capacity to form
more inclusive language and practices into their day-to-day healthcare practice.