Building Power in Siler City to End Institutionalized Discriminatory Practices

Rubis Blueprint seeks to create a more integrated and safe community in the town of Siler City, NC by putting an end to discriminatory practices against Latinos. These practices are mainly manifested in police roadblocks that are placed strategically at Latino-populated areas of the town in order to have an excuse to hunt down undocumented folks without drivers licenses. The police department has unlawfully taken it upon themselves to act as ICE agents, and in some counties they have even started the deportation process for some undocumented folk caught during license checkpoints. This Blueprint project seeks to educate the community, empower them with information, and work with a large network of leaders and allies to sign a petition to put an end to this practice. The ultimate goal is to make Siler City a pleasant place for everyone to live once again. No person, whether undocumented or not, will have to be fearful of encountering harassment at multiple checkpoints on any given day or of getting their car tailed and pulled over simply because of their skin color.