Care for all: Portraits of Care in America and dispatches from a broken system

Care for All is an oral history project focused on diverse experiences of the care economy in Oregon, which sits at the intersection of educational equity and economic justice. Care for All will document stories of care providers, as will the experiences of families who need and receive care, illustrating how the current economy’s lack of support for families and caregivers compounds economic and racial inequality, and framing these facts within narratives that motivate policy change.

As someone who was raised by a single mother and cared for by family, friends, and neighbors Samantha is passionate about care. She has experience in education, family and community engagement, and civic engagement and storytelling. Samantha is a passionate advocate for equitable education for all children in particular she is focused on early childhood care. She started Care for All to bring attention to these issues.

A thriving care economy is possible, with good jobs, affordable and quality care, but the investment and policies needed call for a change in the dominant narrative. Racism and sexism in America has rendered care invisible and undervalued. And in the last half century, the protection and support for workers as well as the accessibility and affordability for families has not changed substantially. Care for All will use stories to humanize the issues of the care economy in order to change the dominate narrative, shift public opinion, and create pressure to pass legislation. Also, Samantha will work with organizations and policy advocates to use these stories in their organizing campaigns.