Coalition of Organizers United for People Power (COUPP)

Coalition of Organizers United for People Power (COUPP) is the brainchild of multiple social justice organizations at the University of Florida acknowledging our institutions lack of representation for organizations who serve at risk communities. This will be done through two summits hosted for the participants, one session building community and the importance of intersection, and the next on how to successfully form a coalition.

Micheal aims to facilitate individual campaign goals through education of intersection amongst staff and students in order to foster a legacy of solidarity amongst the University of Florida’s at risk communities.

Creating a space and structure for solidarity to naturally flourish amongst the student body and faculty will create a legacy of teamwork, project management, and transparent systematic change at the University of Florida.

His framework is based on familiarizing organizations with one another and key UF Staff in the effort to seek community and aid effectively when an at risk communities needs call for such resources. These “call to action” can be all hands on deck for a crucial movement, assistance with allied faculty to expedite on campus red tape, workshop attendance, and fundraising. Organizers will discuss planned objectives, benchmarks and campaigns that they feel best serve their at risk communities and COUPP will offer a platform to be heard where access to ally ship for the successful completion of any campaign is readily available.