Collaboration, Community and Corrections: A 21st Century Framework for Public Safety

Collaboration, Community and Corrections is a yearlong series of short term strategic goals to increase collaboration between the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department and the communities in which the people mandated to their custody will return to. Historically corrections institutions have intentionally kept the public uninformed, and many efforts have been made to ensure that those serving time are out of sight, and out of mind. Unfortunately because of the punitive “tough on crime” policies of the criminal justice system, instead of being rehabilitative more damage is generally done. By tearing an individual from their families as punishment, there are many negative consequences not only on that individual, but their family, community and beyond. What is commonly referred to as “community corrections” or “community-based corrections” largely focuses on probation, parole and pretrial supervision.

The purpose and goal of the “Triple C” project however is to think innovatively about how to protect incarcerated individuals’ connection to their families and communities in hopes of reintegrating them more successfully into their homes post-release. This project will work in three pillars to work with three communities that are historically left out of the criminal justice system: Collaboration for Women and Girl’s; Community Building for the Families of the Currently Incarcerated and Corrections Programming tailored for young people within the system.

Beyond ensuring that individuals are connected to their families and communities, the Triple C project will bring to the forefront methodologies to incorporate community based organizations into the incarceration experience and vice versa. Much of the reason why effective and intentional criminal justice reform has failed is due to a lack of knowledge, information, and accessibility of the public to know and understand how corrections work, and how they may better influence corrections.