Conflict Management Tool Kit: One on One Training for Social Justice Organizations

The Conflict Management Tool Kit for Social Justice Organizations seeks to provide a convenient way to train student leaders in the areas of communication, organization, programming, management, and cultural competency. The communication section of seeks to train students on better communication skills that can be implemented with their fellow student officers and members of their organization. The organization section seeks to teach students how to create a concrete work ethic. The programming section seeks to instruct students on how to prioritize and create workable roadmaps for events. The management seeks to train presidents and vice presidents on how to manage a group of people with various attitudes and personalities, and how to keep officers and members committed to the cause. In addition, working with students on time management. The cultural competency aspect seeks to provide bias and sensitivity training to help social justice organizations to have defined set values and principles, and demonstrate behaviors, attitudes, policies, and structures that enable them to work
effectively cross-culturally. Cultural competence is a developmental process that evolves over an extended period. I would like to work as a consultant for social justice organizations ran by high school and college students in the Abilene and Houston, Texas communities. I would like to set up a two-day program. The first day I would come in to observe the students in a meeting and take rigorous notes from my personal observations. The next day would be a day for me to hand out the tool kit and conduct a training on how to use it, but also address specific issues I noticed within the student leadership team. In the spring of 2017 I plan to obtain a conflict management certification.