DC C.A.N: DC College Access Network

The DC College Access Network, seeks to become a pathway for marginalized District of Columbia students (primarily black and latinx low income youth) to attend and afford DC’s prestigious institutions. Washington, DC is home to 20 colleges and universities, all of which minus four are private. The average cost for tuition in the nation’s capital is over $20,000 dollars. For the purpose of this Blueprint for Social Justice, the DC College Access Network will launch a campaign that works with DC’s local college and universities, DCPS and Mayor Bowser’s office to ensure that upon graduation there is a financial commitment to support a minimum of 5 local DC residents at each and every college/university in the city. The DC College Access Network will seek not only placement for students at these colleges and universities but also a financial commitment to ensure the success and retainment of those students. I will challenge these universities to actively recruit low income and academically exceptional seniors that attend DC Public Schools and pledge to financially support them upon acceptance into the university.

Additionally, it is my goal create and develop a DC transfer alliance crafted after the UCLA Transfer Alliance Program (TAP)- which gives students the opportunity to enhance their ability to transfer to UCLA at the junior level from a California community college. The DC College Access Network recognizes that that there is a need to serve not just academically exceptional students but ALL students. By creating a DC Transfer Alliance modeled after “TAP” with surrounding community colleges (NOVA, UDC-CC & PGCC) and DC’s colleges/ universities, it allows for students who may not have performed well in high school to be given a second chance. The two year curriculum developed and crafted by local education leaders will provide students with the tools needed to be successful at DC’s prestigious colleges/universities. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be given priority consideration for admission to any participating DC College or University. The transfer alliance seeks to have funds allocated by the Mayor’s office for the development and implementation of the program over the next 3 years.