Decolonizine: An Online Magazine and Space for the Decolonized Mind

Living in an age where we see the rise of social media, online forums, self-published zines, and self-created spaces of expression, I see the undeniable importance these mediums can have in disseminating ideas, gaining recognition, ability to do action, and helping a movement or organization advance its mission. My blueprint would allow the launch of an online magazine and forum, Decolonizine; an online space dedicated to showcasing art, writing, and work of people of color and queer artists with a lens focusing on decolonization. Chicago has a very thriving art and performance scene that unfortunately caters to a white, rich, and bourgeoisie crowd, leaving behind countless artists without a platform to showcase their work, ideas, and community. Modeled after successful similar platforms (such as Buzzfeed, Remezcla, We Are Mitú, Latina Rebels) and content creators like Chescaleigh Ramsey, Dylan Marron, Gabe Gonzalez, and Son of Baldwin, this platform can offer much needed exposure to content creators and artists working with social justice issues, which are often ignored or left untouched for fears of losing audience or funding. Curated by a diverse board of editors, instead of one sole executive editor, we can showcase diverse and differing views on decolonization, mediums of work, and strive for an intersectional approach to social issues. Outside of its digital word, Decolonizine will strive to self-publish physical magazine copies quarterly centered around Decolonizing Themes (such as Politics, Community, Identity, Art, Fashion, Music, etc.). To push itself as a platform for marginalized communities and their artists, the Decolonizine team will organize, promote, and execute various events through the community. These events would range from DIY performance venues and art galleries/showcases, networking salons, workshops, community organizing and drives, and community bonding events focusing on the youth of our communities. A major goal outside of establishing ourselves as a platform down the line, is to create a flow of ideas and engage our youth into thinking critically, intersectionally, and begin their own process of decolonization. I hope to accomplish this by working with the Board of Editors to draft, create, and implement a curriculum revolving around decolonized youth leadership to bring to our youth and communities.