Decolonizing & Redefining What It Means To Be Undocumented

“Underserved, Undervalued, Undocumented: A Collection of Human Experiences” is the title of both the eBook and project that Fredy is looking to implement
through his YP4 fellowship. Serving as 3U:CHE’s curator and organizer, Fredy hopes to use his project to accomplish the following. Firstly, document the life experiences of undocumented people from various walks of life and create an eBook. In doing so, 3U:CHE will be higlighting the diversity of the undocumented community that has been covered up by years of toxic campaign and legislative rhetoric that targeted undocumented Latinx lives while erasing non-Latinx lives within the community. Second, launch a website where the book will be made available for “sale”, In exchange for a donation larger than $10, donors will be able to download a copy of 3U:CHE. This website will also act as a directory where undocumented people can be directed to organizations and resources they need. Lastly, the project looks to support organizations that are fighting to uphold undocumented people’s human right to free legal counsel. 3U:CHE will be donating 100% of proceeds to organizations that provide free, direct legal services to undocumented people as they navigate through the U.S legal system. By documenting the stories of undocumented people, highlighting the forgotten diversity of the undocumented community, directing people to resources they need, and raising funds to support organizations that provide cost-free legal services to undocumented people, Fredy hopes that 3U:CHE will play a pivotal role in the
protection of undocu rights under an oppressive Trump regime and an enabling Congress.