Diversity at Middlebury

Jay co-authored a thesis, The Analyst and the Activist: Discourse Surrounding Wall Street Recruitment and Resistance at Middlebury College, which ignited discussion on the role of the institution and of individuals in relation to capitalism. For his Blueprint project, Jay, along with four friends, founded the Dalai Lama Welcoming Committee and released a satirical press release claiming that, in honor of the Dalai Lamas visit to Middlebury College, the school had chosen to divest its endowment from industries of war and environmental destruction. Additionally, he held a Blood Dump at Red Cross Blood Drive in solidarity with those communities who are stigmatized and unable to donate their dirty blood, leading the President of Middlebury College to commit to encouraging the FDA to reevaluate its unscientific and discriminatory policies. His work has been dedicated to raising more awareness on addressing the socioeconomic diversity on his campus.