Suryaa came up with the idea for Ecolabs 2.0 from reading an article written by Charles Orgbon. Charles Orgbon, the founder of Greening forward, in his article said that: “I believe one of the issues is that existing environmental organizations are failing to be collaborative and cooperative, and are not being responsive to new ideas and research.” and “We do not need any more environmental organizations as much as we need existing organizations that can (1) understand the difference between collaboration and cooperation, and are ready to do both, (2) be responsive to new people and new ideas, as well as (3) keep data on what works and what doesn’t work.”. Ecolabs 2.0 is built on this idea of trying to connect youth environmentalist, organizations, and institutions. Interconnectedness 1’, ecology, and evolution go hand in hand and are very integral to sustainability. Taking a different perspective Suryaa is focusing on finding the interconnectedness between environmental organizations and youth environmentalist. The ecosystem effect is something taking off in the Silicon Valley as they expand horizontally and vertically from their initial core product, and we look to build and work on creating a positive ecosystem effect. Ecolabs looks to first create an online platform for youth environmentalist and then branch out into creating a self-sustaining ecosystem to find and incubate the environmentalist movement. Ecolabs will be an answer to Charles Orgbon outlined issues that is currently in facing environmental issues. Ecolabs is an online platform to increase environmentalist collaboration and cooperation, all the while being responsive to new ideas and data that does work