Educate the Future

Educate the Future is committed to fighting for educational justice by addressing the “school-to-prison pipeline,” a national pattern in which children are funneled into the juvenile and criminal justice systems rather than receiving a holistic education and meaningful life coaching. In order to take action, Educate the Future relies on volunteers from within every community to provide free, high-quality tutoring and men/femtoring to low-income families regardless of social background (e.g. racial, documentation status, etc.). Tutors are recruited anywhere from their last year in high-school (with parental permission) and on, as long as there is a strength in the academic area of the tutor’s choice (e.g. mathematics, history, English, Spanish, etc.), a displayed passion for the future success of children, and ability to pass a background check to ensure the safety of our children. After approval, tutors will be matched locally with a maximum of three (3) children to conduct sessions at a local, public location (e.g. library, community center, etc.). While this direct service is the primary goal of Educate the Future, we also seek to influence policy makers to begin investing in public education rather than in expanding the criminal justice system. To this end, Educate the Future will also aim to collect data, both quantitate and qualitative (e.g. changes in GPA, changes in child’s confidence, etc.), from the results of the tutoring sessions over the course of its operations in order to create detailed reports and studies as an evidential foundation for effective change in policy.