En tu Idioma: Providing Comprehensive Mental Health Care to Spanish Speaking Immigrants in the United States.

In 2015 after Sandra became a citizen of the United States, she began working toward earning her Master’s degree in Social Work at the University of Maryland,
Baltimore. In her first year field placement, she also practiced clinical work with Latinx students at a local high school to gain additional insights into the broad
array of challenges facing those who speak English as a second language. There is a critical shortage of mental health care providers linguistically and culturally trained to provide therapeutic care to Latinx clients who speak Spanish. Although there are more than 34.5 million people who speak Spanish in their homes, half
of whom speak English less than fluently, only 5 percent of practitioners are appropriately trained, less than 3 percent of mental health professionals identify
as Latina/o, and no reliable information exists about the number of Spanish-English bilingual providers. Sandra’s goal is to serve this population of clients as
a culturally aware clinician who also understands how to implement programs and to lead social change in her community. The values of Sandra’s blue print for social justice are: Social justice, Social change, cultural awareness, health access, dignity and worth for the person, integrity.