Free Living Youth (F.L.Y.)

Free Living Youth (F.L.Y.) is a collective aiming to combine creativity with transparency, using artistic mediums such as fashion, photography, film-making, writing, and music to deliver real-life stories that highlight underrepresented issues amongst young people. Consisting of four students from Baylor University, the idea of the collective comes from asking a basic, yet complex question: what does it mean to be free? FLY will work to deconstruct the problematic ideals that are constructed into the everyday psyche of young people, and move towards trying to change the world from the ground up.
The work of FLY will culminate with a printed, mostly visual magazine that stands on the foundation that all art is political. The magazine will serve as a platform to introduce ideas about mental health, racial conflict, gender fluidity, spiritual freedom, and educational issues that are normally uncomfortable topics to discuss within our circles of friends. Once again, the purpose of FLY is to reexamine what it means to be free and to inspire others to wrestle with that same question. As creators and change-makers, FLY strongly believes that one of the best ways to make a difference is to create the world around you, therefore giving everybody the ability to be an artist. Through the magazine and other creative projects, FLY will have an online and print presence that uses art as resistance and pushes every single person to break free of the chains within themselves, no matter how hidden they might be.