From Cubs to Tigers

From Cubs to Tigers is a one-month program at Jones High School that aims to give high school students who are on track to graduate and go to college the necessary skills and knowledge to stay and succeed in college for all four years. The one-month program consists of multiple workshops and seminars that will be spread out between three sessions during the month of April. From Cubs to Tigers will work towards dismantling the current lack of resources for
students attending Jones High School, a Title I school, by providing the necessary tools for students to go and graduate from college. Title I schools are schools that are provided with financial assistance because they have a high percentage of children from low-income families. The financial assistance is used to help ensure that all children meet challenging state academic standards. Many students at Jones High School graduate and get into college, but lack the
knowledge and skill set needed to successfully complete all four years. For the purpose of this Blueprint for Social Justice, this program will focus on presenting and maintaining indispensable skills needed for these students to obtain a college degree.