Increasing Health Outcomes in Immigrant Communities

Italias Blueprint seeks to increase access to healthcare for undocumented immigrants through community advocacy and alliance building in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is Italias belief that all human beings deserve access to mental, spiritual, and physical healthcare regardless of immigration status. Thus, her Blueprint will allow for the creation of an alliance composed of community members, as well as local pro-immigrant, health, non-profit, and grassroots organizations in Albuquerque and greater New Mexico that addresses the current challenges preventing the immigrant community from thriving. It is her dream to create a plan that can later be used around the nation to positively impact the way undocumented communities seek and receive healthcare services. Italia envisions communities composed of individuals, youth, parents, and families who are no longer afraid of being deported after seeking services at local hospitals, who are no longer terrified of becoming sick because they would not be able to afford treatment, and who are no longer denied services because of their immigration status. Through the creation and implementation of her YP4 Blueprint, Italia hopes to one day witness healthy, empowered, and fearless communities around the world.