Indigenous issues with a an Indigenous perspective

As Cyndi began learning her Indigenous Language, Anishinaabemowin, she noticed the lack of resources for her to learn the language in everyday settings. As she began communicating with other Indigenous folks in her community, she heard continually that the reason Anishinaabemowin learners were losing their ability to understand their language was the few opportunities there were to use the language. In addition, as Tribal Nations began to make the news, Cyndi noticed the lack of accurate portrayals of Indigenous communities. To address these two main issues, Cyndi is creating a social media outlet that will focus on Indigenous issues with a an Indigenous perspective. The big idea – connecting Native youth to the outside world and their communities with a focus on sharing, revitalizing, and showcasing their languages, cultures and accomplishments to the world.  By using social media tools like Youtube and Facebook,  our channels will help with teachers who are looking for more content to add to their classroom curriculum for language learning and to meet the Wisconsin Act 31. Ideally, this would be a place for those in the Indigenous community to have their voices heard. The reason for having multiple social media outlets (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for one campaign is to show the emphasis on the value of oral tradition, to showcase what art looks like, to highlight community news  and showcase the beauty of native languages in America today.