Islamophobia: Combating Anti-Islamic Media Rhetoric And Taking Back Our Narrative

The term mass media indicates a variety of media sources specifically designed for disseminating news and information to a large audience. It is evident that the media holds considerable power, both systemic and institutional, positioning it to influence the perceptionsof the general public concerning certain news or social issues (Muin 2011). Through this, the media has been constantly bombarding the public with anti-Islamic rhetoric that is intended to define Islam, quickly constructing “Muslim” to “Terrorist.” Not taking into account the teachings of Islam, or, if they do, retrieving a quote from a book of a different language in which they do not speak and narrating it in a way that complies to their agenda of hate and fear. What Peace Maker’s hopes to accomplish is to create a brave and welcoming space where folks can have open discussions about Islamophobia and its effects on society. The idea of this Blueprint is to inform, validate, and unapologetically show who Muslims really are despite what the media portrays. To accomplish this there will be an annual event held at different universities and
community colleges around North Carolina that is open and recommended welcoming to of all faiths. We will guarantee this continues after we graduate by ensuring we are still connected with the events coordinators at our colleges and making sure to recruit students for involvement in the future and develop new leaders in the process.. The schools we are connected to are North Carolina State University, Wake Technical Community College, Nash Community College, and
William Peace University. These discussion forums will serve to provide space for Muslim and non-Muslims to exchange dialogue about the effects of Islamophobia and grow as a community through the power of storytelling.