Jackson Heights Mural Project

The Jackson Heights mural project was inspired by the creative potential for movement building through art, cultural exchange and community organizing. As student organizers, young artists and passionate creators, Sharmin called out for young community members to collectively create and contribute to a community mural in Jackson Heights. This mural is inclusive of many different marginalized groups: undocumented people, labor migrants, and victims of racial profiling in a stop-and-frisk police state and Islamophobia. The mural project is intended to collectivize community energy into a project that involves grassroots community outreach and to foster learning and engaging in dialogue to create a vision that addresses the socio-economic and political realities of the Jackson Heights community. Her work addresses problems of an artless world, which lacks the vision and beauty that can address and re-enforce many realities, and in which truths and inspirations that do not occupy our everyday lives. This art project is a reminder that we must envision the world we want to see, through collective action, art and transformative justice.