Nipmuc Food and Land Recovery Project

The Nipmuc Nation, was one of the first tribes to experience colonization when settlers came to the land that is now called Massachusetts in the early 1600’s. Colonization has left the indigenous community of Massachusetts clinging to small parcels of land longing for access to the many beautiful sacred pieces of land currently possessed by the state. As a result of colonization tribes throughout the nation have been forced to subscribe to and work within the United State’s system against their will in order to regain access and rights to land that was stolen. Though this is the sad and challenging reality for many indigenous people my hope is that through the Nipmuc Food and Land Recovery Project’s work land can be reclaimed and managed for farming and food production. Keely will use her knowledge and professional experience of youth and community development, sustainable agriculture and food systems to benefit her tribal community. Members of her tribe live across the entire state of Massachusetts and the desire of tribal members to eat a traditional diet rich in local and native vegetables and fruits is high. To meet this need Keely will identify land that can be used for farming and she will partner with tribal members and youth to grow a combination of traditional crops as well as modern vegetable varieties. The food produced will be distributed through a small affordable farm share available to tribal members. In addition to growing food, workshops covering topics of nutrition, food sovereignty and cooking will be provided to all tribal members because it is a vital piece of
creating a shift for the Nipmuc community’s health and wellness as well as a vital practice in cultural preservation.