Live Green 365

Live Green 365 is a yearlong campaign that provides simple resources and information pertaining to eco-friendly living, to the community at the University of Oklahoma. Live Green 365 is meant to be adopted as an everyday implementation that will foster a positive lifestyle change. The purpose of providing this information is to get the general community on the University of Oklahoma, more informed and accustomed to participating in green activity. Live Green 365 provides emails, events, and a blog site that break down the ins and outs of simple ways that minimizes an individual’s green footprint. The goal of Live Green 365 is to teach on the benefits of recycling, what is recyclable within the community, the dangers of global warming, how to reduce and reuse, and also how to maintain and grow your own plants. Live Green 365 will work on addressing the environmental concerns that are becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society by providing tips that are easily sustainable for college students. With this blueprint for environmental justice, Live Green 365 will make sure that the light cast on green initiatives for the campus of the University of Oklahoma will be amplified.