Miami Students of Color Conference

Miami Students of Color Conference is the first conference of its kind, aiming to increase awareness on social issues that affect Miami, and especially Florida International University’s multicultural student body. This conference is intended to provide a good networking experience, knowledge, and resources to better build a foundation for a more prosperous, fair, and equal society. The conference will be based in race, gender and intersectionality. There will be presentations and workshops addressing anti-blackness, immigration, islamophobia, machismo, lack of funding in schools of color, erasure of indigenous folks, homo/transphobia, and current event discussions. The conference will also examine how different institutions are perpetuating, and normalizing systems of injustice. SOFC seeks to find sustainability by being an open, inclusive and safe space and by providing resources to push for legislation and how to be an active member of society. The goal of the conference is to address different communities within the Florida International University’s main campus on lack of awareness and consciousness around oppressive and marginalizing system keeping our communities from being safe, inclusive, and diverse. All issues mentioned will be analyzed in a root tree analysis. All meetings with organizers will touch upon a specific issue presented at the conference.