N.O.U.D.L.: New Orleans Urban Debate League

In a city with extreme poverty, declining graduation rates in urban high schools, and structural violence, Khristyan is focusing on how to utilize high school policy debate as a tool for education and advocacy. His blueprint emphasizes establishing a network of urban high schools in the New Orleans area in order to provide space for critical education that teaches students about policies affecting them on an everyday basis. Khristyan is focused on using the New Orleans debate league to highlight violence, power, and policy as a mechanism for social change. Though policy work is mostly done at a federal and state level, the New Orleans debate league hopes to provide a space for students to learn about their own identities and how that’s shaped in the context of real-world policies that sets the foundation for social change. Khristyan plans on expanding this program to offer more academic resources for high school students and challenge the educational disparities that exist within under-resourced communities.