Policing the Police

Police departments on and off campus have historically targeted communities of color, specifically Black/ Brown communities. Boomer’s Blueprint seeks to address community safety and police brutality. “Policing the Police”, will be a multiyear campaign addressing the lack of accountability and oversight the police have on and off campus. Students on campus will participate and engage in community dialogue with officers from both the University of California Police Department (UCPD) and the Berkeley Police Department (BPD). This community dialogue will allow students to interact and engage with the police in order to improve police-community relations on and off campus, to harness and address racial police brutality, and to offer demands to address the militarization of the police on campus. In addition to this, Boomer will use his position as a member of the Police Review Board to address and continue having a student representative on the board to create better cultural sensitivity trainings for officers, reviewing cases and addressing incoming policies