Project 99

Project 99 is a leadership development company that develops immersive experiences that help the Fortune 500, leading service firms, and other organizations bridge the leadership gap by attracting, retaining, and promoting diverse talent. We are a movement by millennials for millennials focused on diversifying leadership from the bottom-up. By 2030, Black and Latinx leadership must be 30% in order to better reflect fast-changing demographics.

As a YP4 Fellow, Yulkendy is focusing on achieving education justice and developing inclusive and equitable schools and workplaces. Through her inclusion work, she also indirectly works with other organizations trying to create opportunity for immigrants as well as enable trans and queer liberation. Project 99 aims to be a global think tank for the creation of equitable and inclusive schools and workplaces where anyone regardless of their identity has equal opportunity to access leadership positions within top organizations.

We believe that when underrepresented students or young professionals are able to see someone who looks like them in leadership roles, it gives them the confidence and validation to believe that they can get there as well. By convening diverse talent in immersive experiences, we give them the recognition and visibility they need to navigate complex workplaces where they are often the minority. Through Project 99’s programming and lifelong network, our community gets the opportunity to receive the support and space they need to empower each other, to be seen, and to be heard. Through this approach, we bridge the leadership gap by investing in future leaders from underrepresented backgrounds and giving them the opportunity to envision a future where they are at forefront of driving economic and social impact across top organizations.

Thus, in order to achieve this, Yulkendy’s objective is to build a curriculum focused on identity development and the implication of race and gender bias in the workplace. This holistic curriculum will focus on 3 pillars: Reflection, Collaboration, and Action.