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With the support of Young People For, Brett launched the Blueprint projectGUESS (Gay Uncensored Educational Supplement for Society), which provides educational supplements and services to the LGBTQ and women in their community. The group also uses an intersectional approach to combat the societal stereotypes regarding those that are differently abled.


In March of 2013, projectGUESS become a non-profit. Since then, they have raised over $1000 to implement educational supplements to surrounding community colleges, clinics, and other targeted businesses. These supplements offered articles on a variety of issues that surround the LGBTQ and Women’s community. They will also be launching a campaign that provides merchandise and promotional materials that spread awareness about the privileges of ableism, along with pieces on male and white privilege, with an emphasis in education on how one who identifies with such privilege can support others who don’t have such societal unearned privileges.