Proyecto Amistad

Former President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), announced in the summer of 2012, provided an immense sense of hope and opportunity to the countless undocumented youth residing in the United States. Now, years after the program was first established, DACA students are not only receiving their college degrees and are also beginning to pursue professional careers in a diverse set of areas. The road to college is one that is strenuous for many students, especially due to the multitude of factors that contribute to individual success, guidance, and financial support. Omar’s Blueprint for Social Justice aims to develop a network of DACA students strategically catered to mentor, guide, and adequately prepare students for college and life beyond. DACA alumni will be paired with new applicants, which warrants not only mentorship but also sponsorship in order to submit the necessary paperwork and payment to begin the process of obtaining temporary legal status. The intention is to create a 1:1 mentorship program designed to pair mentors with students of similar background and interests. Through this mentorship program, which will inevitably begin small, we hope to craft a template of sorts that can be applied to DACA professionals and students nationwide so as to increase the number of DACA students that pursue higher education and also graduate from college or university.